Good Morning! 

My husband and I began our Saturday morning getting up early and watching the sunrise by the pool. I love watching the sun come up! It’s a beautiful day and we are headed to the farmers’ market. It seems it will be a relaxing and lazy Saturday and I am absolutely okay with that. It’s a perfect day for my market bag tote!   
What’s your favorite relaxing thing to do on a lazy Saturday? 


My First Pattern!

I have completed my first project that I created on my own! It feels awesome to make my own piece. I haven’t written the pattern down yet, but I used some basic stitches to make the clutch. I will be selling the pattern with a yarn kit through Cranberry Creek Fibers. There will be more colors for spring and summer that will be dyed soon! But for now, I will just enjoy my first clutch pattern in aqua and lavender. 🙂


New and Improved Purse

I loved the bag that I made and posted about previously, but something just wasn’t right. The handle seemed too awkward. The pattern had a leather handle, but when I looked it up, it was about $40. Since I had already spent so much money on the yarn, I didn’t want to spend that much on the handle as well. I chose a handle from a set of 2, but it looked too weird so my mom suggested this type of handle. I thought the messenger style purse looked right for this bag, and after sewing it on last weekend, I am totally loving the bag. It feels much more comfortable and doesn’t look awkward anymore. The bright color adds to the pastels in the yarn, and I absolutely love it now!


New Purse

I finally finished my other project I was working on with my first true love with yarn!!! I used Red Heart Unforgettable yarn named Candied. I was so excited to finish this purse, found in the September/October issue of Crochet Today! this year. I kinda stopped when my husband came home for his R&R, then I began student teaching, but I decided I had to finish this. I have to admit, I felt pretty guilty when I decided to finish this rather than begin my Christmas projects, knowing I won’t have much time when I start taking over the classroom full time… But, I am still so glad I could finish what I started. I don’t usually get project ADD, so I knew I would finish it relatively soon anyway, so I finally finished it last night. It’s my last summer project, and I love how the stripes turned out and everything. I would definitely recommend this gorgeous, amazing yarn!!!!!




New Kind of Project

There are few things I do that I hate more than sewing. I am so bad at it so I avoid projects that require it. I found a pattern on ravelry that was a half granny square pulled up into a cute bag. I wanted a new makeup bag and this was perfect. I knew I’d have to sew in a lining, but I tried it anyway. I still don’t like doing those types of projects, but I’m definitely glad I did. I love the end result!!