Yay December!


I’m so happy December has arrived! I have been crazy busy getting new items up in my Etsy shop and filling orders. I’ve also been trying to be a substitute teacher as much as I can, so it’s been a whirlwind these last few months. But, the best month of the year has arrived! Christmas is my favorite holiday, and this year, I am thrilled to be a part of others’ Christmases as well! This is my first year doing holidays with my Etsy shop, and I am giddy with excitement knowing I am making a gift for someone else. I love crocheting scarves for my sisters for Christmas, but the sole reason I opened my shop was to share my craft with others. I absolutely love what I do! In this mad rush of the holidays, I did manage to get some cute new items up in my shop. I am loving the holiday set of scarves and boot cuffs!


What is your favorite thing about the holiday season?



Good Morning! 

My husband and I began our Saturday morning getting up early and watching the sunrise by the pool. I love watching the sun come up! It’s a beautiful day and we are headed to the farmers’ market. It seems it will be a relaxing and lazy Saturday and I am absolutely okay with that. It’s a perfect day for my market bag tote! 

What’s your favorite relaxing thing to do on a lazy Saturday? 

Fun Coasters

I have become so fond of crochet coasters. I wanted to make some to match my Fiestaware, and I fell in love with all the colors and combinations I could make. Plus, if I get coffee on them, I can throw them in the wash with my clothes! These are so fun and are a great housewarming (or anytime!) gift! They are just $5 in my Etsy shop!