Something New!

I’m trying something new today! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Hopefully if I am successful I will be able to list it by tomorrow. If today is not my day, I will definitely have it up by next weekend. I am determined! It may or may not match another accessory… That is my clue! I am attaching the link to an accessory that may or may not match the item I’m working on… Am I being too explicit? I’m alright with that 🙂 Stay tuned to see what it is!

Also, check out my Facebook page! The page is still fairly new, but I want to keep everyone updated with new items and events. As always, I keep you updated on Twitter all day every day, so feel free to follow me there too 🙂



And Facebook is Up!

So I have been pretty busy focusing on my getting my Etsy shop back up after moving and getting up social media sites for Caught on a Hook. Well, I now have another outlet: Caught on a Hook is now on Facebook! Whoop whoop! I will be keeping you posted on Facebook on things I am working on and what is going on with me. I am more prone to check Facebook more than anything else since like the rest of my generation, I may be addicted… So come like me on Facebook! I am so excited to post the crocheting process and what I’m doing for the fall!