Chargers Baby Blanket

A few months ago I posted about colors of the San Diego Chargers I picked out for a baby blanket. I finally finished the project! The baby was actually born earlier this month, but I can’t give the blanket to the parents until July, when we make it to Cali. This blanket turned out much bigger than I thought it would, but I liked how it turned out!



Under The Sea

I finally finished my last Christmas present!!! It’s sad to say, but I really did waste time with presents. I was so excited to finish this blanket, but I hate sewing, so I put it off until the last minute. I had every piece crocheted but put the project aside because of the sewing. I made this huge blanket for my niece who came to visit last weekend. I finally had a deadline to meet, so I slaved away to make the sewing actually happen. The entire blanket was made with Caron simply soft yarn. It took me so long to make the blanket that I actually do not remember how many skeins of yarn it took for the body. But I made sure I had a coupon every time I bought another skein! For the blanket and fish, I used the pattern from a Crochet Today! featuring an octopus blanket from a summer issue last year. I googled/used ravelry for the coral, seaweed, starfish, and jellyfish. I absolutely love my end result and hope I can make another one in a different theme!