Chargers Baby Blanket

A few months ago I posted about colors of the San Diego Chargers I picked out for a baby blanket. I finally finished the project! The baby was actually born earlier this month, but I can’t give the blanket to the parents until July, when we make it to Cali. This blanket turned out much bigger than I thought it would, but I liked how it turned out!



First Stuffed Animal

Over this nice long weekend, I had high hopes of getting stuff done around the house and blogging again since this is my first post in months. After getting a sore throat on Friday night and waking up Saturday with the most painful sore throat I’ve ever experienced, the weekend did not get off to a great start. (Luckily though it wasn’t strep, so I still have a lot to be thankful for!) Even though I wasn’t feeling well, I had to make a project for the teacher I’ve been subbing for. She comes back tomorrow from her maternity leave, so I decided to make her a stuffed animal for her baby boy. I found this pattern for a giraffe from I Love Buttons from a google search. I absolutely love this pattern! I wasn’t feeling well enough to add polka dots or a tail to the giraffe but I do like how he turned out! This is my first attempt at a stuffed animal and I will definitely be making more!


Baby Time!

I am making a blanket for my cousin’s second child. I stood in front of the baby yarns for the longest time, putting combos together to find the perfect match of colors. These two colors screamed San Diego to me (which is where the parents live) and I couldn’t figure out why. I bought them anyway because I loved the colors together so much. Later on, not even thinking about crocheting, it hit me: the San Diego Chargers! These yarns are the exact colors of their football team. I began the blanket the other night and have made so much progress so far! I will post the blanket as soon as I finish. I’m so excited about this one!