Boredom Clutch

I’ve been working on Christmas presents (with pictures to come soon when I finish all the projects!) and I started getting bored and impatient with the projects. I took on 2 blankets simultaneously, which is never a good idea! I started to get that feeling where I need to feel productive and finish something. So I decided I would work on a clutch that I knew I would finish in just a couple of hours. I made one in green earlier this year from the Crochet Boutique book my sister got me for Christmas last year. I absolutely love the button clutch and I bought yarn to make a blue one for me and a pink one for my sister. I made the pink one right away but the blue yarn has been sitting in my stash for a while now. I finally took it out to make another button clutch and I feel good again! I am ready to take on the blankets again in the hopes of finishing them within the next couple of weeks!


Easy Clutch

After getting my Crochet Boutique book for Christmas, I couldn’t wait to get started on their projects. I still haven’t totally finished Christmas presents yet (though I’m SO CLOSE!!), but I just had to make this clutch. I was flying to see my sister the day I made it, and I decided to make it with the goal of finishing before takeoff. I usually like to crochet while flying or before I leave for the airport so I can get all my excited energy out and make something awesome. So this adorable clutch was what came from that day! I absolutely love it!! I achieved my goal of finishing before takeoff as my mom and I arrived way too early, so we ate dinner and I could finish before I even got to my gate. I found the buttons at Michael’s and I used two instead of the one button the pattern called for. I like the two buttons better as it stays closed better and nothing falls out when used. I already bought another color of the same yarn so hopefully I can find time for another one soon!!

My First Pattern!

I have completed my first project that I created on my own! It feels awesome to make my own piece. I haven’t written the pattern down yet, but I used some basic stitches to make the clutch. I will be selling the pattern with a yarn kit through Cranberry Creek Fibers. There will be more colors for spring and summer that will be dyed soon! But for now, I will just enjoy my first clutch pattern in aqua and lavender. 🙂