Fall Items are Out!

I have been working on some fall items for my Etsy shop between work this last month and I am excited to announce they are finally up in my shop! I am releasing new colors of scarves and my new wrap headband. Check out my shop for some fall items that are perfect for running to class, shopping, brunch, or a gift for a friend. 





Waiting for Spring! 

With the past week’s freezing temperatures and even a snow day to ruin yet another scheduled day of my spring break, I am so ready for spring. I can’t wait to open my windows all day and have fresh air circulate my home. Though it seems like it’s so close, spring also seems so far away. It still isn’t too late to purchase an infinity scarf to get through these last few brutal weeks of winter! I have made a bunch of these also for myself and I use them each day as a compliment to my outfit. There are a bunch of colors to choose from as well! I hope you can get through these last few weeks of winter!