Under The Sea

I finally finished my last Christmas present!!! It’s sad to say, but I really did waste time with presents. I was so excited to finish this blanket, but I hate sewing, so I put it off until the last minute. I had every piece crocheted but put the project aside because of the sewing. I made this huge blanket for my niece who came to visit last weekend. I finally had a deadline to meet, so I slaved away to make the sewing actually happen. The entire blanket was made with Caron simply soft yarn. It took me so long to make the blanket that I actually do not remember how many skeins of yarn it took for the body. But I made sure I had a coupon every time I bought another skein! For the blanket and fish, I used the pattern from a Crochet Today! featuring an octopus blanket from a summer issue last year. I googled/used ravelry for the coral, seaweed, starfish, and jellyfish. I absolutely love my end result and hope I can make another one in a different theme!



One Christmas Present Down…

And too many to go! I began this Christmas present thinking I would be ahead of my game by starting early, but I ended up messing it up. I was making this shawl for my sister. She’s a little on the bigger side, and I thought I made the top long enough, but the shawl seemed to be too small for her by the end. I almost ripped it out to make it bigger, but my grandma suggested I keep it the way it is and gift it to another sister, and it would be big enough for her. I agreed, so here is my very first project with fringe. I ended up loving the colors and the pattern, so I’m glad I could give it to someone to appreciate it! It’s another Crochet Today! pattern, from this year’s September/October issue. But at least I finished one project with only 11 more weeks until Christmas…


New and Improved Purse

I loved the bag that I made and posted about previously, but something just wasn’t right. The handle seemed too awkward. The pattern had a leather handle, but when I looked it up, it was about $40. Since I had already spent so much money on the yarn, I didn’t want to spend that much on the handle as well. I chose a handle from a set of 2, but it looked too weird so my mom suggested this type of handle. I thought the messenger style purse looked right for this bag, and after sewing it on last weekend, I am totally loving the bag. It feels much more comfortable and doesn’t look awkward anymore. The bright color adds to the pastels in the yarn, and I absolutely love it now!


New Purse

I finally finished my other project I was working on with my first true love with yarn!!! I used Red Heart Unforgettable yarn named Candied. I was so excited to finish this purse, found in the September/October issue of Crochet Today! this year. I kinda stopped when my husband came home for his R&R, then I began student teaching, but I decided I had to finish this. I have to admit, I felt pretty guilty when I decided to finish this rather than begin my Christmas projects, knowing I won’t have much time when I start taking over the classroom full time… But, I am still so glad I could finish what I started. I don’t usually get project ADD, so I knew I would finish it relatively soon anyway, so I finally finished it last night. It’s my last summer project, and I love how the stripes turned out and everything. I would definitely recommend this gorgeous, amazing yarn!!!!!




Favorite Yarn Project 1

I finally finished one of my projects with my new favorite yarn! This is the Monterey Bay shawl pattern from the July/August issue of Crochet Today! from last year. The pattern called for a size 2 yarn and this is a size 4, but I just used a slightly larger hook and made 3 less motifs. I just love how the colors came out!! I can wear it with any color, but it will look beautiful with a LBD. I can’t wait to wear it somewhere!!!!