More Mint

After making the scarf in my last post, I had less than a skein of Caron simply soft in mint green. I didn’t want it to go to waste, of course, with my new obsession with the color and all. I found a cool slouchy hat pattern to try and I thought the puff stitch looked awesome. Well, this was my first and only time using that stitch. I had so much trouble with it, I almost wanted to give up. It kept getting stuck on my hook when I pulled through the 8 loops and I had to redo probably half the stitches. It was too much of a pain for me to deal with! But I do admit I’m happy with the end result, though I might have to thread yarn in the band that holds it on my head because it seems a bit loose to stay on for a while. But I do like how it turned out!




Another Hat…

I’ve been searching for a really good slouchy hat, and I came across this awesome pattern named Kaleidoscope Beret on ravelry. I began this hat this morning before class and finished it as I relaxed after work. It’s not what I had hoped for a nice slouchy pattern but it was an awesome design to crochet 🙂


New Hat

I was looking for a slouchy hat pattern and came across this on ravelry. The pattern said to add rows to make it slouchier, but when I did, the slouch didn’t look right. I just left it as a cap but I still love it! It’s pale yellow for the upcoming spring season so when my search ends for a slouchy hat, I will have a matching set 🙂


Slouchy Hat Pattern

Does anyone know of a good simple slouchy hat pattern for crocheting? I looked through ravelry and found some but I wanted a mesh-like one that I found, but it only could be used with super bulky yarn, whereas I have a ton of worsted yarn I wanted to use. Anyone know of one like that where I can use my worsted weight yarn?