Thanksgiving Gift?

I’ve been scrambling to figure out what I should make for Christmas gifts now, especially since I won’t finish everything in time for the holidays. I am way to busy with student teaching, and I have not had time for crocheting for a while. I haven’t been able to make anything for Christmas lately 😦 A couple weeks ago, my sister said she is coming home for Thanksgiving. She joked with me that she wanted an infinity scarf when she came home, but I felt bad since I didn’t finish her birthday present (and still haven’t finished…) so I put the scarf first on my priority list. I am hoping she really likes it, since I haven’t given her a birthday present yet for this year, and it’s already 2 months later. So she doesn’t know it yet, but she is getting a Thanksgiving gift from me instead of a birthday present this year.  I got the pattern from the Stingy Stitcher’s Forever 21 knock-off scarf, which is a pattern that I absolutely love and will use many more times!