Back Up and Running!

YAY! I’ve finally renewed listings and I am working on fresh items for the fall/winter! Finally I have gotten everything back up and running between settling in our new home and working. This is a huge relief for me! I cannot wait to explore with more gorgeous scarves and other items for this fall and winter! They are my favorite items to crochet and I cannot wait to share! I am bummed I won’t be able to wear scarves in Texas like I used to in Maryland, but that won’t stop me from making them! Check out my Etsy shop for fall accessories!

Happy crocheting!!! πŸ˜€


Finally on Etsy!!!

I am super excited to say….. I have finally opened an Etsy shop!! I opened the shop right after a Christmas bazaar at my church, andΒ I have been building it for the last month so it’s not so bare. I have been working hard to make different colored scarves (which I had to pause and make some for myself because they’re so warm and light and addicting!!!!), headbands, chunky hats, and trying out different things for springtime. My favorite things in my shop are the multi-colored scarves. I made the candy colored scarf for myself about a year or two ago, and I wore it to the bazaar at my church. This woman came up to my table and loved the scarf I was wearing, so I took her order for that and decided to share my favorite scarf on Etsy! I bought more variegated yarn to experiment with these scarves, but I then got caught up in making the single colored scarves and my attention was solely on those for a while. Again, I can’t believe how lightweight they are and how warm they keep me!!! I am throwing together ideas on what to make for spring and summer, though I am getting prepared for farmers’ markets with reusable market bags and totes. I love using mine for markets! Soon I will be posting other things for spring and summer as we get through this long winter, but as for now, I am thoroughly enjoying my fun scarves!!!

Check out my shop! πŸ™‚

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