Ocean Blue Set

I wasn’t sure what to make my cousin for Christmas since we aren’t close, but she lives in the same state and will be celebrating Christmas with us at my grandma’s house, is I felt like I had to make something for her. Luckily we had 2 snow days last week, so I could make this all in one day. I am making an afghan with this blue, so I just used it to make another infinity scarf and hand warmer set. I used Caron simply soft in ocean. If you need a quick last-minute gift, this is perfect and used less than a skein of yarn!



My New Favorite Scarf

I have had a huge obsessive with mint green lately. I want to make a ton of scarves for when I student teach this fall so I can wear any kind of shirt and still be covered in the front. I wanted to find the most beautiful pattern for my new obsession, and tried out many of them, but they just didn’t seem to fit what I wanted. So in the end, I picked a classy lacy stitch that I love, the v-stitch. It’s easy and went super fast to whip up but has a beautiful finish. But the search for a different scarf pattern isn’t quite over yet…


Infinity Scarf

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything! I’ve been crazy busy with school and work and finding a second summer job that I have had to sacrifice my relaxing crocheting time. But, with finals this week, what better way to procrastinate than crocheting? 🙂

My mom has her own yarn business and once in a while she wants me to make something for when she goes to a show to sell her yarns in her booth. I am in love with the bright colors she uses, which I sometimes help her with picking them out. Here’s her link if you want her yarns:
Cranberry Creek Fibers

I also am really obsessed with making scarves right now, so when she said she wanted a scarf for a show this weekend, my history study guide just had to wait. I had to make my own pattern so she could sell the scarf if she wanted to, but it would take me a long time to come up with something, so a simple v-stitch was as creative as I went with my given time frame. Now I have to get back to that study guide…